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Technical Products

Technical Products Division / Contract Fabrication Division:

With the goal of expanding sales and diversifying markets, Wiemann Metalcraft created a new division: Technical Products Division (WMC-TPD)  This division has a market focus of technically complex products in the flight simulation and aerospace industries. TPD is led by a management team with over 50 years of manufacturing experience including large custom metalwork commissions and complete simulator structures.  From bid preparation through to product realization and final customer acceptance, our team works tirelessly to identify and meet customer expectations in terms of product conformity, on-time delivery and overall customer satisfaction.

Quality Systems:

WMC-TPD has written and implemented a quality management system (QMS) that is compliant to ISO 9001 standards. WMC-TPD did not undertake this endeavor to be used as a sales tool or just to satisfy the requirements of potential customers. We realize that the benefits of our QMS will provide the structure required for growth.  We also employ robust software that is tied in with the QMS to estimate, manage and schedule all projects.  We have real-time feedback on all projects underway allowing us to stay on track and meet customer delivery schedules. 

Quality Policy:

As Wiemann Metalcraft has done since 1940, our Technical Products Division will continuously improve quality with an emphasis on product conformity, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.  Our company values integrity and honesty in all our dealings with customers, vendors, and employees.  Through the key processes identified in our Quality Management System we will achieve these goals.

Mission Statement – Wiemann Metalcraft is committed to producing the finest quality cast and wrought ornamental metalwork available by providing superior design, expert fabrication and installation, accurate replication and conscientious restoration in a wide range of metal alloys, finishes, and architectural styles.