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Custom Metal Fabrication

Wiemann Metalcraft has the facilities, equipment, tools, and experienced personnel to carry out ornamental, architectural custom metal fabrication of almost any size and complexity.

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Our 40,000 square foot production facility includes a well equipped machine shop, modern forges, air hammers, plate rollers, power shears, press brakes, and a wide variety of welding, grinding, and polishing equipment. Our finishing department includes a grit blast booth and a professional heated paint booth. Customers are welcome to take a tour of our facility and see work in progress.

Each project has a dedicated project manager and is assigned to a lead fabricator who is responsible for every step of the production process and custom fabrication up to finishing.

Our design staff, project managers and lead fabricators are experienced and knowledgeable in the use of all available tools and equipment to achieve the design objectives. Wiemann specialists are comfortable working with cast and wrought iron, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and all copper based alloys such as brass and bronze.

The Wiemann Metalcraft finishing department is experienced in applying decorative paint finishes, patinas, gold leaf, and traditional blacksmith wax and oil finishes as well as long wearing catalyzed liquid urethanes. Our stand alone professional grit blast booth and temperature controlled DeVilbiss paint booth allow us to provide excellent finishes regardless of weather conditions.

When the customer requests it or when the project complexity demands it, the same personell who fabricated your work will also deliver and install it.

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Mission Statement – Wiemann Metalcraft is committed to producing the finest quality cast and wrought ornamental metalwork available by providing superior design, expert fabrication and installation, accurate replication and conscientious restoration in a wide range of metal alloys, finishes, and architectural styles.