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Wiemann Metalcraft

639 West 41st St
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107

Phone (918) 592-1700
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At Wiemann Metalcraft our employees generally stay with the firm but we occasionally have openings for outstanding metal artisans and fabricators including finishers and assistants.

If you are interested in joining our outstanding team, please send a letter of introduction along with your resume which details your work experience, references, and any photos of your work to us at the address below:

sales@wmcraft.com or by mail to

ATTN: Personnel

Wiemann Metalcraft

639 West 41st Street

Tulsa, OK 74107 

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Mission Statement – Wiemann Metalcraft is committed to producing the finest quality cast and wrought ornamental metalwork available by providing superior design, expert fabrication and installation, accurate replication and conscientious restoration in a wide range of metal alloys, finishes, and architectural styles.